Spirit of Punjab

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Spirit Of Punjab

On par with the Halls Gap Hotel, The Spirit of Punjab is one of the most family friendly places to eat in or enjoy take away whilst staying in Halls Gap. Why you wonder? First of all their kids menu really caters for the little ones, but even their Mild Korma with Naan is a super child friendly option for those kids who love the Indian cuisine. Secondly the spirit of Punjab caters for all preferences. Mild means mild and Volcano Hot, means Volcano Hot! The staff is super welcoming and efficient and most exciting for the little ones; they have life size traditional Indian statues all over the place. Ronny couldn’t belief his eyes!


I have eyes but I can’t see I have skin but I can’t feel anything I can be sweet but I’m not a piece of candy I can be baked but I’m not a cake I can be peeled but I’m not a carrot