Zoo Birthday Party

Activities to download

Alphabet Hunt

Recipes you might try

BBQ Meat Sticks

Prepare the tools Cut the plastic bottle in half, cut the bottle about a third of the bottom. Make sure that your can fits tightly inside the bottle or you might need to find another can or bottle that fit together Prepare the meat Cut half a red onion in…

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Campfire Damper

Mix the Greek Yoghurt, salt and self raising flower, let the dough rest for 20 minutes. Divide into pieces and roll into a snake shape. Wind around a clean, dry stick. Hold over the campfire to cook

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Jacket Potato

Make sure you have a hot campfire going Tear foot long pieces of aluminium foil, 1 for each potato Spray or rub some olive oil over the foil Pierce the potatoes several times with a fork (be careful not to stab yourself!) Wrap the potatoes in the aluminium foil and…

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Break the chocolate into pieces Put a marshmallow on your cooking stick and turn over the fire until gooey and brown Put the marshmallow between the biscuit with a piece of chocolate, done!

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