Held in May, this event hosts a 6 km walk, a 6 km run, 11.5 km run and a 21 km trail run. The event was originally initiated by one of the local business owners Monique Cummings, who was raising funds to extend the magnificent bike path which takes you from one end to the other end of town. She was able to achieve this goal together with all the participating runners and funds where then raised to install an outdoor fitness station near Bellfield. The event is held for the less serious mum and dad runners and it has become a popular weekend to take the family away for an event based family holiday. For more information please visit Run The Gap


Here’s a vibrant, exciting and little crazy event for those of you who are long distance trail runners, who love a challenge and have somewhat interesting personalities, as the organisers do! Rohan Day and his team are very experienced running event organisers, you might know them from other events like Two Bays Trail Run

The Wonderland Run hosts an 8 km, a 20 km and a 36 km trail run. Not for the fainthearted!

What I really like about this event is that it brings a severe amount of energy to the Grampians, with a real go get attitude! They cater a 2km run for the kids around Venus Baths and have lots of kids entertainment! The coffee van from Livefast, a local café, makes it even more exciting!