Fish Falls

1 - 1.5 hours | 5 km return from Zumsteins

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When you are looking for some family fun in summer, make your way to the Fish Falls! Lake Wartook feeds Mackenzie Falls all year around and Mackenzie Falls feeds Fish Falls. This means that even on dry hot summer days, Fish Falls will still have water flowing. To get to the Fish Falls you can take two routes. One is starting at Mackenzie Falls, but if you have been here before you might remember an enormous amount of steps. We recommend to park your car at Zumsteins and walk in from that direction!

If you can’t find Ronny and Rosa on a hot summers day, watch out for them at Fish Falls! They are probably set up somewhere with a picnic blanket and an umbrella! Good to know, there is no shade anywhere, so bring a large umbrella and wear hats/caps!

PLEASE NOTE: It is unsafe to swim at Mackenzie Falls. And no, this is not because there are fresh water crocodiles! But it could be life threatening if you do make the jump. Mackenzie Falls creates an enormous current because of the way the falls are formed. This means that you can be sucked under, even the strongest swimmers. Please please do as the signs say and DO NOT SWIM AT MACKENZIE FALLS!!!!

Where to park your car?

Since Fish Falls is located between Mackenzie Falls and Zumsteins you can park at either carpark.

Lower Fish Falls