Sunrise and sunsets while visiting a national park sound obvious to most of us but staying in the valley of Halls Gap will rob you of these magnificent natural events for most of your stay. To enjoy sunrise or sunset you would need to drive to the spots mentioned below. Guests staying at Grampians Getaway will be able to enjoy the colour change for sunset and sunrise from the property but as Halls Gap Lakeside is nestled in the protected valley of Halls Gap you won't always get the angles to see to colour changes in the sky.


Our top 3 locations for sunrise are spread throughout the central Grampians. Make sure you leave early enough in the morning so not to miss out on the sun rise itself! Plan to arrive at your chosen location at least half an hour before sunrise and if at all possible even before first light!

  • Baroka Lookout. 
    This is one of the most famous lookouts of the central Grampians, from this vantage point you can see the sun rising from the East and the first rays hitting the mountain sides of the Wonderland Range. If you are lucky enough to have clouds forming in the Halls Gap Valley when the temperatures shift just before first light it will make this experience even more unique!
  • Mt William Summit
    The peak of Mt William is another great location to enjoy a sunrise. Take plenty of time to reach the top in time and take warm clothing even in summer! The hike to the top is tough and not ideal when travelling with young children but when lucky enough to have clouds forming on the east side of the Grampians you could be feeling atop of the world. As Mt William peak is usually one of the only peak high enough to peak through the low clouds.
  • The Pinnacle or Sundial peak
    If you like the idea of getting the kids out very early for a headlamp hike to The Pinnacle or Sundial peak make sure you plan in to see the sunrise when getting at the top of near the top. If you have walked the pinnacle walk before and you are looking at a new angle to inspire the kids a sunrise walk to the Pinnacle or Sundial peak might be just your thing! No need to camp in the bush but a start at night will make things quite exiting, make sure you are familiar with the track as you don't want to get lost, everything looks different at night. If you have the option to choose, choose a night with full moon.


Sunset is a lot easier to achieve with younger children than sunrise and there is only 1 real spot easily accessible with children.

  • Reeds Lookout. 
    The best of the best for sunrises in the Grampians. Sitting in the middle of the Grampians this lookouts gives you wide views over the Southern and Western Grampians. You can stay at the carpark to enjoy the view or walk up to the Fire watch tower for a different angle of the sunset. Walking to the Balconies is not necessary as the sun sets outside your view for a portion of the year.
  • Mt William Summit
    Mt William peak is not only good for sunrise, it also gives you a different view for sunset in the Grampians National Park. Take plenty of time to reach the top in time and take warm clothing even in summer! The hike to the top is tough and not ideal when travelling with young children.