Jacket Potato

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  • Aluminium foil
  • Canola spray or any other oil
  • Large potatoes (1 per family member and maybe an extra one for dad)

Stuffing ideas:

  • Grated cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Bacon or ham cut in small pieces and pan fried
  • Garlic butter home made or shop bought
  • Basil
  • Onion


  • Make sure you have a hot campfire going

  • Tear foot long pieces of aluminium foil, 1 for each potato
  • Spray or rub some olive oil over the foil
  • Pierce the potatoes several times with a fork (be careful not to stab yourself!)
  • Wrap the potatoes in the aluminium foil and place them into the hot coals. Make sure to not place them into the hottest part of the fire or you might end up with black potatoes!
  • While the potatoes are cooking ask mum or dad to cook up the bacon or ham over the campfire
  • Turn the potatoes over several times while cooking. To see if the potatoes are ready ask your mum or dad to check by removing one from the fire and piercing the potato with a fork or skewer. If the fork/skewer goes in smoothly till the middle they are cooked! It should take about 20 minutes depending on the size of your potato.
  • Remove all potatoes once cooked and remove the foil, be careful not to burn yourself!
  • Cut the potatoes in half, slice the insides so the garlic butter will melt inside the whole potato and add the stuffing to your liking!